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DJI Inspire 2

Image quality, strength and innovative solutions are the inspiration of Inspire 2. Created for film makers and entrepreneurs who put quality in the main focus.

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DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 is a real work horse. There are lots of cameras and accessories, making Inspire 2 one of the most popular drones for professional film and photo work. Inspire 1 was a revolutionary droner when released at the end of 2014 and part of what made it so good is of course to be found on Inspire 2, such as the folding arm structure that ensures that no part of the drone is seen in the picture - even under the most extreme flight conditions.

The list of opportunities is long

DJI Inspire 2 has a newly developed image processor where data management moved into the chassi instead of directly in the camera as in its predecessor and its cameras. The video resolution is up to 5.2K in CinemaDNG or Apple ProRes. Catching fast action scenes is easy as the drone accelerates from 0-80 km/h in five seconds, reaching a top speed of 93 km/h and having a maximum climbing speed of 6 m/s.

Two batteries at each flight provide increased security in terms of redundancy and a 27-minute flight time with the Zenmuse X4S camera. All batteries have their own built-in heating, which makes it possible to fly even at lower temperatures (down to -20°C).

Built-in FPV camera

The Video transmission system is updated with dual signal frequencies and two separate channels, capable of providing both streaming video from the built-in FPV camera and the main camera simultaneously. This simplifies the cooperation between the pilot and camera operator and is a highly appreciated feature.


Next to the FPV camera there are two Vision Sensors, which together with other sensors pointing upwards and downwards constantly scan the surroundings, and avoid or stop for physical obstacles. The forward sensors have a range of up to 30 meters enabling flying up to 54 km/h with the sensors turned on.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Flying actively while concentrating on camera movements is not always easy, -especially not when it is done at almost 100 km/h. DJI provide tools to simplify this  with a variety of intelligent flight modes.

Spotlight Pro
Spotlight Pro is a powerful image algorithmic tracking mode that allows even uneexperienced pilots to handle complex and dramatic video sequences. Image analysis locks the intended object in image while in flight. In Quick Mode, you start immediately tracking the object, and in Composition Mode you track along a predefined route.

Quick Spin
If the camera reaches its maximum rotation limit in any direction, Inspire 2 automatically rotates in the same direction to completely spin the camera without any restrictions. All this happens completely automatically without affecting flight and video results.

Click on the image and Inspire 2 flies there. You can also determine the speed in this mode, then concentrate on the camera's movements instead.

Active Track
Select an object in the image by dragging a box around it. Inspire 2 then follows the object while trying to keep the same perspective all the time. You can control the drone at any angle at any time, and when you release, it keeps the perspective even in motion.

Smart Return To Home
During flight, video data is recorded in the background. This video is used to find the track back to start position if you lose the radio signal. With image analysis, Inspire 2 can understand where it has been, and can fly the same route back to avoid any obstacles in its way.

Improved Video and Communication Link

The range of control and video transmission is up to 4 km for the European version. You can control all features by yourself, or add an additional remote control or latest Cendence to share tasks in an easier way. The transmission can be alternated between 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz. The latter frequency gives a shorter reach, but could be a good option in urban areas or other places where there are many sources of disturbance on the conventional 2.4 Ghz band. Pilot and cameraman can stand up to 100m apart in Dual Remote Setup.

Broadcast Mode
You can send video directly from Inspire 2 in the format 1080i50 or 720p60 to, for example, a transmitter bus. An additional handheld is then used as a receiver and connected via HDMI. If you add a Cendence handheld controller, you can use SDI link instead.

This is included in the package

1 x Inspire 2 Drone
1 x Standard controller
4 x Propeller pairs
2 x Intelligent batteries (TB50)
1 x Charger + power cord
1 x Charging hub+ power cord
1 x USB Cable
1 x MicroSD Card 16GB
1 x Vision System Calibration Plate
3 x Gimbal dampers
1 x Mounting Kit for Propellers
1 x Transport Box (regarded as delivery package)

Product Details
Takeoff Weight 3440 g
Dimensions i flightmode: 48cm bred 47cm lång 32 cm hög Transport mode 53 cm bred, 47 cm lång and 21cm hög
Max Ascent Speed P-mode: 5 m/s S-mode: 6m/s
Max Descent Speed 4m/s
Max Speed 94km/h
Max Flight Time med x4s: 27min med X7: 23min
Max Flight Distance 3.5km
Max Wind Speed Resistance 10m/s
Operating Temperature Range -20° to 40° C
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz, 4.8GHz
Hovering Accuracy Range Vertical: ±1.64 feet (0.5 m) or ±0.33 feet (0.1 m, Downward Vision System enabled) Horizontal: ±4.92 feet (1.5 m) or ±0.98 feet (0.3 m, Downward Vision System enabled)
Remote Controller
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz, 4.8GHz
Max Transmisson Distance 3.5km
Operating Temperature Range -20° to 40° C
Battery 6000mAh 2S LiPo
Operating Current/Voltage iOS: 1 A @ 5.2 V (Max); Android: 1.5 A @ 5.2 V (Max)
Supported Mobile Device Size Platta och Smartphone
Capacity 4280 mAh
Voltage 22.8 V
Battery Type LiPo 6S
Energy 97.58 Wh
Net Weight 515 g
Charging Temperature Range 5° to 40° C
Max Charging Power 180 W
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Image quality, strength and innovative solutions are the inspiration of Inspire 2. Created for film makers and entrepreneurs who put quality in the main focus.



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